Learners take mandatory units in managing their own performance and working in a business environment. They will then be able to choose from a range of option units covering different administrative areas such as document production, arranging events and meetings or customer service, or in specialised areas such as human resources, parking, education and legal administration. Learners will be able to progress within their employment to senior administrators, team leading or management roles, or to roles in specialised areas such as customer service, human resources or legal administration.


Level 1 Certificate in Business and Administration

This qualification is suitable for learners aged pre-16 and above. This qualification is designed for learners who want an introduction to business and enterprise that includes a vocational and hands-on element. It has been developed to inspire and educate learners about a career in business and enterprise. The qualification will appeal to learners who wish to either set up their own business, move into employment or progress onto further study.

Mandatory  Units
Unit 1   Introduction to Business and Enterprise
Reference No:
Unit 2  Marketing for Business and Enterprise
Reference No:

Unit 3  Finance for Business and Enterprise
Reference No:

Unit 4  Plan, Outline and Take Part in a Business or Enterprise Project
Reference No:

Cost £250




Level 2 Certificate in Business and Administration
This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and above. This qualification provides learners with the knowledge that is required to work in a range of environments in a business administration role. Learners will know how to carry out administrative tasks such as managing information and supporting events and will be able to apply their knowledge in a variety of industries and job roles. This qualification is suitable for use within a Study Programme.

Mandatory units

Unit 1
Principles of Providing Administrative Services
Reference No: A/507/5881
Unit 2
Principles of Business Document Production and Information Management
Reference No: R/507/5885
Unit 3
Understand Communication in a Business Environment
Reference No: M/507/5893
Unit 4
Understand Employer Organisations
Reference No: A/507/5895
Unit 5
Understand How to Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues
Reference No: F/507/5896

Plus Optional Units

Cost: £450



Level 3  Diploma in Business and Administration (QCF)

The Level 3 Diploma can be studied on its own or as part of the Advanced Apprenticeship in Business and Administration.

Cost: £850

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